The inability to rest and sleep is a common disorder of our modern day age as so many feel that they must be switched on and available 24/7.

We spend more and more time concentrating on the many channels of digital communication on top of everyday pressures. And it can easily be the case that we find our minds just cannot quiet down when we need them to.

The evidence is indisputable; getting a good night’s sleep and adequate rest is the best way to refresh and regenerate the mind, body and energy, although this can feel very hard to achieve at times, and even on a regular basis.

Sleep is so powerfully able to ‘reboot’ us due to the fact that the different stages of sleep guide our brains through a kind of ‘clearing’ and compartmentalising of the day gone by. This is like a computer programme designed to resolve and put everything away in its place so that there’s space and resource for optimal mental processing of the new day to come.

Yoga nidra, or ‘yogic sleep’ is one of the single most potent practices to engage in because it delivers you to a very similar brain wave state as the deepest of sleeps, with the practitioner being somewhat ‘awake’ to be able to guide their focus of attention, they are able to subtly adapt this to their needs as they go. This in turn allows for huge potential of individual processing to take place within the mind, and the refreshing, regenerative qualities of sleep to be targeted and accessed in a very short time.

The yoga nidra itself is a structured guided relaxation, done in a comfortable lying down position, where the practitioner listens to the spoken stages and follows along with their own focus of awareness. Many find that they drift in and out of nodding off into sleep, this can seem a little strange, yet they always rouse having gained just as much (maybe even more) benefit as those hearing every word as this practice is working on several layers of awareness between ‘waking’ and ‘sleeping’.

Benefits of yoga nidra include:

  • Fast track ability to ‘switch off’.

  • Quick calm and relief from bodily symptoms such as aches and pains.

  • Upgraded sleep quality.

  • Can be done instead of sleep (for sufferers of prolonged or chronic insomnia) as it will have a similar resting effect on the whole system.

  • Deep revitalisation and balance for the mind, body and energy (personal resources are able to be individually adapted and channeled back into repair needs)