Naturally, many busy people experience overactive minds and rumination (thoughts that go round and round) that can seem ceaseless.

If this is the case, it can seem impossible to connect to traditional forms of meditation (such as mindfulness) and something more immersive may be needed to focus on and occupy the thoughts in order to relax the body and calm the mind.

Sound meditation (listening to the sound to practice gentle training of focus and awareness) is a great way to access meditation in general, chill out and gain more mental energy and attention capacity..

Sound ‘bath’-ing offers the opportunity to hear multiple ‘layers’ of sound being played from instruments (such as the gong and singing bowl), which are designed to create a continual ‘sound landscape’ (rather than music) by surrounding the listener in a number of specific reverberating tones at once.

This ‘soundscape’ (tonal landscape created by vibrational instruments being played at different locations around the body) is both an aural and felt experience making it more of an immersion in sound (hence being called a ‘sound bath’), and serves to access a peaceful, dream-like state by activating these senses plus slower brain wave states simultaneously.

Benefits of a sound bath include:

  • Increased ability to ‘switch off’ (especially if a practitioner has struggled with other forms of meditation)

  • Reaching a calm, regenerative state of mind

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Deep bodily rest

Sound Healing

During my sound bath sessions I also place a Tibetan singing bowl on the body itself (to the middle back area when comfortably lying face down), allowing a honed physical ‘therapy’ through a greater personalised and felt experience. I am also trained in ‘vocal toning’, which is a technique of using my own vocal ability to create a focused ‘tone’, which is directed into specific areas of the body for an extra soothing and balancing effect. These two additional techniques are often reported to increase the sound ‘healing’ experience.

Extra benefits of ‘sound healing’:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation in the body (potential adaptive remapping of brain/ body pain/ irritation ‘memory’)

  • Promotion of overall physical wellbeing through the extra use of touch (stimulates the body’s oxytoxin production, a major feel good & healing chemical)