It can sometimes be tricky to get exactly what you want from open public classes, especially if you have more targeted wishes and requirements. These can be anything from working with specific injuries, health conditions or life circumstances, to having a desire to progress more quickly, or in more supportive detail than is possible in wider groups.

Private one to one or small group classes can be a fantastic way to hone your experience and specific skills in selected areas of practice, or create and learn your own personalised combination that works to optimise for your unique needs.

The benefits of choosing to work in this way include:

  • Faster progression due to individualised tuition

  • Greater therapeutic benefit due to care level possible in more intimate sessions

  • The experience is tailored specifically for your/ your group’s needs (e.g. coffee morning, celebration, gift or occasion)

  • Sessions can be delivered in the comfort of your home (equipment can be provided) or with exclusive hire of a range of venues (depending on desired location, group size and the type of experience required)