Pennie combines over two decades of yogic practice to empower her students to feel a greater sense of connection to themselves and the greater world around them.

After her first class at 19 she was fascinated and inspired by how spacious the classes made her feel (both physically and mentally) and vowed to make it her mission to explore deep into this unknown world.

After practising across a huge range of yoga styles and ‘schools’, and spending time with highly renowned and experienced global teachers including Meghan Currie, Chris Chavez in Istanbul, Sri Dharma Mittra in NYC and ashram devotees in Nepal (being immersed deeply into meditation for the first time), she decided to make her dream of teaching yoga a reality.

Since then she’s co-founded and run a yoga collective, held classes in leading London studios, taught some of the UK’s top and emerging yoga teachers meditation, yoga nidra, sound and breathing, and worked with global companies on mindful movement, resiliency, better sleep and productivity.

Pennie gained her first teaching qualification with Frog Lotus Yoga (an international vinyasa flow school well known for their attention to alignment detail) and has completed additional teacher trainings in Total Yoga Nidra, Yin yoga and Sound healing and vocal toning. She’s continually studied and practiced with Ben Wolff and Suzanne Faith as guiding mentors.

Pennie’s approach is informed by this huge breadth and experience to create classes and workshops which are universally balancing, nurturing and revealing. Her aim is to bring the best of the multiple facets of the ancient practice of yoga and meld them with modern day scientific understanding to be practical yet enjoyable.

She has a special passion for educating on and facilitating experiences to show the immense potency of the more subtle practices of breathing, Yoga Nidra meditation and sound ‘bath’-ing, having extensively witnessed the transformative power of these in herself and countless others.


Pennie’s style of yoga teaching encompasses an evolving exploration of physical, mental and emotional engagement, strength and focus of attention. Her classes draw on her depth of study and practice to create a sensitive, uplifting and supportive atmosphere for her students to explore getting to know their bodies, minds and otherwise within. She invites students to engage in a playfully curious and compassionate practice to achieve their individual needs and wishes

Along with private and public session, Pennie works extensively with businesses directly, harnessing her deep knowledge to build programmes that deliver reductions in workplace stress, greater wellbeing and productivity. She works with a range of businesses large and small from McKinsey and Shell through to Vice and the English Rugby Premiership team, the Harlequins.