Salt Water Studios



It’s my pleasure to offer sessions in this wonderful hidden gem studio that’s close to my heart (having helped get it going in its infancy) in Stoke Abbot Road, Worthing (access via Activus and Hotpod Worthing).

There’s an uplifting, intimate and clarifying feeling to this loved and plant covered space, with loads of natural light and calming colours to help spirit you away from the everyday.

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The Yoga and Wellness Rooms

Shoreham By Sea

SHOREHAm by sea

It’s an honour to teach in this cosy, characterful studio in my hometown of Shoreham just by the river Adur (access via ‘The Annexe’ on Town Quay, the side street directly by Chambers Bistro).

It has a warm, serene feeling (like a cocooning from outside), somewhere that when people walk in, they often give a sigh of relief and reset.


Home Studio

Just over the footbridge, Shoreham Beach

Shoreham Beach

A stone’s throw from Shoreham Beach itself, I’ve created a harmonious and calm space in my home which it’s a great dream of mine to teach from. I have the benefit of being able to offer this light, airy space overlooking greenery and the sea that houses my most treasured instruments of practice: alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls, these are truly unique and special to experience as a small group sound bath or as part of a one to one sound healing.