Alchemy crystal singing bowls by Crystal Tones..

For an extra special, soothing yet ‘out of this world’ experience, the most powerful instruments of sound healing I use are my three alchemy crystal singing bowls.

I am a certified practitioner of Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls. Being forged in 99.999% pure quartz, infused with gem stones (to give them their deep opalescent colour) and precious metals (gold and platinum in this case) they give unsurpassed sound purity and resonance.

Each bowl is totally unique in character, sound and elemental recipe. When played, they ‘sing’ several sound frequencies at once (which are tuned to work with endochrine (hormonal) glands and energy centres of the body) to powerfully support natural, harmonious physical function and quickly transport your mind into a peaceful, regenerative state.

This type of therapeutic experience is best experienced as an individual treatment, where personal needs and desires can be exclusively attended to, or a very small group ‘sound bath’ to maximise the rejuvenating properties of this sumptuous sound healing.