General wellness and sleep quality are measurably impacting work based effectiveness (communication, problem solving ability, decision making quality), general focus and ultimately the bottom line.

A ‘sleep session’ set up for the McKinsey HR team, Central London

A ‘sleep session’ set up for the McKinsey HR team, Central London

Employee morale, resiliency and productivity are high on the agenda of any workplace, especially these days with increasing rates of absenteeism, disengagement and overwhelm being attributed to a growing levels of pressure across work and personal life.

I’ve worked with businesses large and small to create programmes that deliver reductions in workplace stress, greater wellbeing and productivity. From McKinsey and Shell through to Vice and the English Rugby Premiership team, the Harlequins.

Research backed, tailored wellness sessions and workshops can be instantly transformative to energy levels, mind focus and the capacity to process stress factors. Longer term effects range from better sleep, to greater emotional resource and finer nuanced cognitive function.

Whether you need a one off immersion session to introduce wellbeing into your organisation or you are looking to make a longer term investments into your teams mental and emotional health. Get in touch and I'll share what types of solutions (practices/ combinations thereof) typically have the biggest impact for businesses.