Public classes

Schedule of regular classes* in London, Brighton, Shoreham and Worthing.

Find out more about locations here.




otpod Yoga Worthing

MON: 9:30-10:30am Hot Flow

Home Studio, Shoreham Beach

MON: 8-9:15pm Yoga & Nidra (available from June 7th-email to book)


The Yoga and Wellness Rooms,

Shoreham By Sea

WEDS: 10-11:15am Nourish & Flow Yoga


Hotpod Yoga Worthing

FRI: 5.30-6.30pm Nurturing hot flow

Salt Water Studios, Worthing

(Monthly) FRI: 7:30-9:15pm Chill Tonic (next edition: 5th July)

Public classes are a wonderful way of connecting to a community of people and provide an uplifting energy that doing practices in groups brings. It’s also great to build up momentum in committing certain times of the week or month to different health and wellbeing needs, e.g. a weekly movement class plus a monthly chill out class.

It’s important to me to work with studios who also have a community and care minded ethos, so session attendees feel well looked after, and I can place extra attention to detail into making these experiences even richer.

Equipment is provided, just bring a little water and maybe an extra layer for the end of class.

All levels are welcome, however if you’re a complete beginner, I recommend coming to a nourishing/nurturing class to begin with to find out how my teaching style suits you.

Public Workshops

These are my soonest upcoming public workshops, contact me for further dates or to host one.


Public workshops are a less frequent yet longer and more immersive experience, diving deep into wellbeing knowledge, skill building and extended practice time. They are a great way to become more familiar with how combinations of practices on offer work together and get much needed full pause and self care time (to reflect and recharge from the previous month/s).

Workshops are excellent ways to top up on weekly wellness, return to focussing on yourself or keep mental and emotional wellbeing well and truly taken care of. The benefit of committing to monthly and quarterly punctuation with these longer sessions is that much deeper experiences can be reached and longer lasting effects can be felt reverberating through multiple aspects of everyday life.